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This Leg 5 Documentary tracks the fleet as they leave Auckland, the 'City of Sails' before starting their epic voyage through the Southern Ocean, rounding Cape Horn, entering to the Atlantic Ocean and finishing in Itaja?, Brazil. Catch all the drama and action as the teams experience the most extreme conditions so far in this race.Expect more like this to be uploaded to the Official Volvo Ocean Race YouTube Channel in the future. Get all the latest updates on

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I need to know what the song playing at 48:00 is called! Amazing video though!



Such a great documentary.



It seems that way. They are made of the best,strongest carbon fibers but they engineer it to be as light as possible so when a stronger material is discovered they just make the hull & structure thinner & lighter instead of designing in a margin of safety. In my opinion that's great for racing boats that are close to shore & rescue crews but in races where they are in remote areas & a rescue could be days away that's crazy. I'm sure there are some build guidelines but IMO they have gone to far



That is really good to hear. I was literally getting angry when seeing these boats just break down all the time. Just make the boats a bit more sturdy (and heavy) but they will win in the long run!



I think that is the idea with every boat build. Was the old rule to make the boats only half as strong? heheh



They still make them out of Carbon Fiber. Hull and Deck....



beautiful sport for the strong and courageous people



holy shit that was awesome.



Fascinating stuff it's true but the sailor and boat builder in me just can't relate to all these breakages. The bottom line is that these boats just aren't strong enough for the conditions they find themselves in and the hard way they are sailed. Maybe the consensus is that these failures add to the drama but to me it simply demonstrates a chronic lack of respect for the sea.



Not sure I understand your point about being superstitious. Are you trying to suggest that they respect the sea because they do not use superstitious words?I appreciate your point about having to push the limits in order to win but every failure reduces their chances of winning.Also I would add that I did not say the sailors lacked respect. I place the blame more at the door of the designers and rule makers. I have nothing but deep respect for the guys who go to sea in these fragile craft.



Amazing leg here, and the media coverage is just perfect... I'm getting excited thinking about how we'll be able to enjoy sailboat races from now on. I love this, I wanna be there.



Southern ocean looks scary.



I'm curious... how so?